A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Dated: 08/27/2016

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When you're selling your house, you want people to know what it looks like.  Most home buyers decide if they'll visit a house based on whether or not they like what they see in the listing, more than what they read.

Realtors take a lot of pictures of your house for the listing on the Multi List site, and those are the pics they put in any other web site they use to market your house. When they come in and take those pictures, what do you see?  Their smart phone.  Sure, an iPhone or a Samsung will take nice pictures, but they're still just cell phone pics.

But you, being the responsible seller that you are, have hired the Chad Leonberg team.  And here they come, taking professional pictures, with an actual professional camera that has a wide angle lens. When the lighting is right and the angle is flattering, your house looks more appealing than in a grainy, dark cell phone picture.

Want to see some comparisons?  

Image titleImage title
Wow! In the first picture, this kitchen looks bland and not very appealing.  You can't see how the counter tops and the floor blend well together, and you sure don't see how welcoming the space is. The second picture shows the real look of the kitchen, what you see when you walk into the room.  More people who are planning to buy would want to look at the house with the second picture, brighter, clearer, and taken from an angle that shows the roominess and character of the space.

Image title

Image title

The person who is possibly interested in looking at (and then buying) your house sees the first picture of the living room and thinks, "Hmm, tiny living room. and those floors need buffed and shined.  I wonder what the rest of the floors are like. They're going to have to refinish the floors if I'm going to make an offer." Then, ta da! Chad's team takes pictures that show how spacious the room is, and what the floor really looks like.  The reaction of the potential buyer looking at this picture now turns to, "Nice! Those floors are beautiful! They've been so well maintained.  I won't have to do anything with them when I move in." They're already picturing their furniture in your spacious living room!

Image title

Image title

Oh, what a small, dull bedroom. That's not  going to work for the buyer's needs at all.  But wait! With Chad's picture, the buyer sees that the room is much larger than it appears in the first picture, and it is bright and even has a ceiling fan. Look at the space in this  bedroom! They're already planning how they're going to arrange the new bedroom furniture they've been considering buying when they make their move.

The old adage is true.  A picture is worth a thousand words. And in the case of selling your house, possibly thousands of dollars, since you'll have so many more buyers interested in coming to see the house in person. 

Remember, Chad's team wants to help you sell your house quickly and to get you the most profit so you can move on to your next home.  Chad's marketing techniques are far more advanced than most, and professional photographs of your house are on the top of the list.  Once people see the pictures, they want to see the real thing.  

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