Why I love Pittsburgh

Dated: 07/23/2018

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Volumes have been written over the past decade about why Pittsburgh is such a great place to live.At least once a year we seem to be listed as the Most Livable City in the U.S.A by some periodical or travel website.It’s really pretty flattering.And in the biased opinion of someone who has admittedly seen only a fraction of what our country has to offer, it’s totally true.

You’ve probably heard a lot of this before.A beautiful skyline, a bridge everywhere you turn, two inclines that take you up to a magnificent view, three rivers that met to forge a nation.It’s all true.But those things don’t really capture what Pittsburgh is or who Pittsburghers are.

A Kid’s View

(The implosion of a site that hosted countless memories in the collective conscious of many Pittsburghers)

I grew up a child of the 80’s in three different towns, all about an hour from Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh was the big city we visited to do big city things.I remember visiting the Strip to buy fresh salmon with my dad, a trip to the Buhl Planetarium before the Carnegie Science Center was built, and my first pro baseball game (a Bucco’s loss to the Mets).As a teenager I saw Pink Floyd play Three Rivers Stadium, went back-to-school shopping at Ross Park Mall, and listened to Rick Sebak’s voice extol the virtues of Things That Aren’t There Anymore.In my mind, Pittsburgh was a great place but it was still mostly foreign to me: I mean, how did anybody ever get around here before the invention of the GPS?

An Adult’s View

I’m now a husband and a father.I’ve called the Northside of Pittsburgh home for almost four years.I still don’t KNOW Pittsburgh the way that many natives do, but I have no reservations in saying that I LOVE it.On a personal level I love my neighborhood, my church, and the way my family absolutely feels at home here.And as a city resident, I love the somewhat mysterious feeling of pride I feel each time I get to tell somebody that I live in Pittsburgh.

I’m proud of the way that Pittsburgh has held on to its blue-collar roots while embracing the artistic, entrepreneurial, and scientific communities that are thriving here.I love the way that most people here seem willing to welcome you and call you friend, even when you are the new guy.I love the way visitors are confused by the French fries on our salads and sandwiches.Heck, I even love the strong calves you can get just from walking around this city with hills and staircases everywhere you turn.

We’ve got beautiful parks, plentiful cultural opportunities, and some of the most loyal sports enthusiasts in all of fandom.We’ve got dozens of neighborhoods to explore that are so full nooks and crannies that a person can undoubtedly continue to find something new even after living here her whole life.We’ve got historic and affordable housing that is the envy of everyone who doesn’t call this area home. And more than all this, we’ve got the kind of city where you can feel good knowing that your children will be able to experience something akin to the idyllic childhood you may remember.


We’re not a small town, but we’re not a big city either.We’re not Midwest, but we’re not East Coast either.Pittsburgh is truly its own animal and a city worth visiting and calling home.I’d invite you to reach out to me if you’re looking to relocate. I'm happy to connect at [email protected] or via phone/text at 412-728-5174.

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